How I can send many radius requests/packets in parallel mode using radclient?

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 21 20:14:27 CET 2019

On Feb 21, 2019, at 1:17 PM, work vlpl <thework.vlpl at> wrote:
> I use `date` command just to understand how much time it take to
> process 350 requests. I am expecting that if packets were send in
> parallel mode then processing time should be significant smaller.

 Not necessarily.

> Also I am reading this in comments from `radiusd.conf`
> "When the server receives a packet, it places it onto an internal
> queue, where the worker threads (configured above) pick it up for
> processing.  The maximum size of that queue is given here. When the
> queue is full, any new packets will be silently discarded."
> But stats show me that 0 packets were lost.

  The default queue size is 64K packets.  So you have to send a *lot* of packets before they get discarded.

  Alan DeKok.

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