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Winfield, Alister Alister.Winfield at sky.uk
Mon Jan 7 17:30:49 CET 2019

I think the right answer as it normally is ... read the documentation that comes with your NAT solution. RADIUS doesn't know how your NAS works it just provides the tools to implement what you need. I suspect Alan's right in this case.. I doubt that RADIUS is involved (except perhaps in getting accounting information about the resulting mappings).


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    On Jan 4, 2019, at 4:07 PM, Ali Arslan via Freeradius-Users <freeradius-users at lists.freeradius.org> wrote:
    > An ISP need to use NAT to let its subscribers access internet because of limited number of available public IP addresses.
    > The requirements are as follows:
    > 1- In order to reduce the amount of NAT IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) data that will be sent to Telecommunications Communication Presidency, each user in NAT applications should be assigned a certain range of ports. For example, assuming a range of 200 ports is defined by the operator for each user, when a subscriber with a private IP address of wants to make a connection over the actual IP, a port range of 10000: 10200 for that actual IP address is allocated to that user.
    > 2- A port or port range assigned to a user; after being wasted for at least one hour, it is appropriate to allocate it to a different user Is there way to configure this in freeradius or is it purely a nas procedure?

      NAT / port assignment is 100% up to the NAS.  RADIUS is not involved at all.

      Alan DeKok.

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