Missing error messages in detail log reply files

Fekete Tamás fektom at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 15:57:52 CET 2019

> The detail log is logging the reply, which doesn't contain any reasons in
> which is why you don't see anything in the log.

>The errors are put in the Module-Failure-Message attribute. There are
> many ways of logging what you want, but one way is to copy this to the
> reply list before you log it. That attribute is internal only, so it
> won't get sent back to the client anyway.

> Something like

>  update reply {
>    &Module-Failure-Message := &control:Module-Failure-Message
>  }
>  reply_log

I tried this, my default virt server conf look like this:
Post-Auth-Type REJECT {
                update reply {
                        &Module-Failure-Message :=
                # log failed authentications in SQL, too.

But the error still not appears in the detail log file. I got Access-Reject
with Reply-Message: "Hello, bob"
Tue Jan  8 15:46:01 2019
        Packet-Type = Access-Reject
        Reply-Message = "Hello, bob"
        Timestamp = 1546958761

Any idea what's wrong?

Linelog is another possibility, but as long as we could modify detail log
behaviour with little work, I would not jump into a fully start linelog

- Tamas

Alan Buxey <alan.buxey at gmail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. jan. 8., K,

> don't use detail log. use linelog and define your own nice clean format and
> entries to be recorded.
> alan
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