Aurélio de Souza Ribeiro Neto netolistas at mpc.com.br
Tue Jan 8 17:00:54 CET 2019

Hello Alan,

Em 04/01/2019 17:17, Alan DeKok escreveu:
> Don't configure the linelog module like you did. It's wrong. It won't 
> work.
>    The Module-Success-Message attribute already contains a full description of what happened.  You don't need to add another one.
>   Just configure the linelog module to user Module-Success-Message as the *message*.  And not as the *reference*.    Delete the whole "sqlippool" subsection from the linelog configuration.  It's not necessary.

     Ok, I deleted the sqlippool subsection, but I don't know how can I 
use Module-Success-Message!

     Where I can found documentation or sample? And where I set that I 
want to write the output to my log?

     Thank you again.


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