LDAP service unavailability behaviour

Alex Morozenko alexmorozenko at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 11:46:21 CET 2019

Hi list.
I’m using FreeRADIUS 3.0.15 on Ubuntu 16.04.
Installation has 3 FreeIPA servers as LDAP backend, they a used in redundant-load-balance construction in default site configuration.
I’ve performed migration of one of FreeIPA servers to new subnet, and did not change IP address to new in one of my LDAP modules.
After several monutes i’ve noticed that FreeRADIUS service is down.
When trying to start service FreeRADIUS throws an error about it cannot bind to LDAP.
It was expected as address was changed, but i did not expect this causes to fail FreeRADIUS service at all because I use redundant LDAP servers on my configuration.
Is it possible to change FreeRADIUS behaviour when LDAP server is unavailable to let FreeRADIUS continue being up?
Maybe mark faulty LDAP server as never connect and check it's online?

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