[EXTERNAL] RE: Kerberos realm vs NT domain

Winfield, Alister Alister.Winfield at sky.uk
Fri Jan 18 12:38:32 CET 2019

How about taking the username / realm and searching for them in AD using the fact it is an LDAP service... once you know the LDAP record it ought to be trivial to derive the 'username' that needs to be used to authenticate the session using the existing working method.

Just an idea can't say it'll work for certain AD depends if enough information is in the AD record for the user.


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    As I said - if I can get it working for the 95% then I can arrange the relocation of the 5% to the same AD container - that leaves the outstanding issue of making sure that it's attempting to authenticate against the correct AD container... which is the part I still cannot fathom.

    So - Kerberos/RADIUS realm is example.com, users are in a.example.com - everything I see looks like when user at example.com attempts to authenticate via RADIUS that it pushes that same user/example.com  combination towards AD for authentication and not the desired user/a.example.com so it fails.

    I suppose I could republish the RADIUS realm to match the domain but I've couched it in terms of "example.com" because the realm is already embarrassingly long (and cumbersome for users to enter) and the container where the users live makes that even more embarrassingly long.

    Apologies if the terminology is incorrect - I am trying to learn here.




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