Return no answer to the client if proxied access request times out

Gianni Costanzi gianni.costanzi at
Fri Jan 18 15:13:07 CET 2019

>   I tend to be cynical about "security" policies that prevent security from happening...

I understand your point... unfortunately burocracy is killing us
nowadays, slowing everything and preventing us to work as we should...

> $ cd /etc/raddb
> $ grep -r -- 'Post-Proxy-Type'
>   Takes 2 minutes...
>   And if you read the debug output, it will show that it's running a post-proxy subsection.
>   See sites-available/default.  It's all there....
>   Alan DeKok.

I'm sorry, you're perfectly right and I've did the same few minutes
before your mail.
Thank you for the support, have a nice weekend


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