Help: On setting up freeradius proxy

shivu prasad shivaprasad2452 at
Mon Jan 21 16:29:42 CET 2019

Thanks guys its worked,

Guys which tool can be used to simulate multiple requests at a same time to
test load-balancing?.


On Sat, Jan 19, 2019 at 11:32 PM shivu prasad <shivaprasad2452 at>

> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for the help it worked.
> I have few quires regarding load-balance behavior when homer_server is
> down.
> What I observed is the load balancer pick  the home_server is round robin
> way.
> ex: if request came to load-balance it will send to server 1, if server is
> down
> waits for response --> zombie period ----> mark as Dead --->
> after 300 seconds make it live again
> There Dead server may not be up! if any new request goes to that server
> again it will fail or timeout.
> How to avoid request getting fail or timeout due to server down?.
> Regards,
> Shivaprasad

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