Help On getting the Client name when Proxy enabled

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jan 21 18:56:33 CET 2019

On Jan 21, 2019, at 10:47 AM, shivu prasad <shivaprasad2452 at> wrote:
> In my module we need to send client name to apply to retrieve some poly
> info based on client.
> Earlier I am extracting the Client name and iP details from Client property
> of REQUEST Parameter. It was working fine.


> Now I enabled the proxy for load-balancing after enabling this I am client
> property gives the details of load-balance(proxy server) as Client, I am
> not able to retrieve the  orginal Client information.

  That's how it works...

> Can any body point me to how to get Original Client info.

  See NAS-IP-Address, or NAS-Identifier.

  Or, update the proxy so that it adds the original client IP address to the packet, and then proxies it.  The home server can then use that attribute to find the original client IP

  Alan DeKok.

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