status_check and response_timeouts in proxy.conf documentation

Fekete Tamás fektom at
Fri Jan 25 08:33:39 CET 2019

Dear  Colleagues,

I would like to ask help with interpreting proxy.conf file documentation as
I found contradiction between two sentences on one place and I have another
question regarding response_timeouts variable, also.

The contradiction comes because of these sentences:
        #  If "status_check" below is something other than "none", then
        #  the server will start sending status checks at the start of
        #  the zombie period.

And documentation says just few lines below:
        #  These status packets are sent ONLY if the proxying server
        #  believes that the home server is dead.

So my question is that when the status packets start to go out by default?
At the starting of dead status or at the starting of zombie status?

My second question is in relationship with response_timeouts variable. The
documentation says about response_timeouts:
        #  Start "zombie_period" after this many responses have
        #  timed out.

However it raises a question, namely, how long can be the gap between the
two timed out response? Can the first one happen at 1pm and the second one
at 2pm and Freeradius counts these two together with many successful
requests in between, or the two responses must to follow each other in row,
or which factors are taken into account?

- Tamas Fekete

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