Help on Getting Cleartext-Password attribute in my module

shivu prasad shivaprasad2452 at
Wed Jan 30 16:44:33 CET 2019

Hi All,

In my module I want to restrict  only  Cleartext-Password passwords, and
need  reject(ignore) the other type of passwords request like mds sha and

I am able to get only User-Password attribute not  Cleartext-Password

in mod_authorize I am checking for the vp->da->attr type
I even try to extract cleartext_passord from request packet  if not i check
in request_config  like below

    pass = fr_pair_find_by_num(request->packet->vps, PW_CLEARTEXT_PASSWORD,
0, TAG_ANY);

    password = fr_pair_find_by_num(request->config, PW_CLEARTEXT_PASSWORD,
0, TAG_ANY);

But both the way I not  able to get Cleartext-Password

I verified sending  the  request in rad-client

radtest bob hello localhost 0 testing123
Sent Access-Request Id 95 from to length 73
    User-Name = "bob"
    User-Password = "hello"
    NAS-IP-Address = *
    NAS-Port = 0
    Message-Authenticator = 0x00
    Cleartext-Password = "hello"

but in my module only      User-Password = "hello" is coming

  User-Name = "bob"
  User-Password = "hello"
 NAS-IP-Address =
  NAS-Port = 0
 Message-Authenticator = 0x3ada3e00aafb8861cae40493d3d35421

I am not getting where the  Cleartext-Password password geting terminated
or do I need to add any config to update the User-Password to


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