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Franny Lim franny.lim at
Tue Jul 2 00:41:36 CEST 2019

Sorry about that. 

I have a website I’m using. That site is linked up to the radius server. That radius server is linked up to a SoftEther server. I can authenticate directly to the SoftEther server but not via the radius server. The error I get when I use the example user is 

Ignoring request to auth address * port 1812 bound to server default from
unknown client xx.xx.xx.xx port 42407 proto udpudp

This error comes up when I try to log on via the site to authenticate to the radius serve to access the SoftEther server. I’ve added the wild card * to the SoftEther server. 

Hopefully this all made sense. 

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>> But it’s not authenticating.
> That's not at all helpful.
> Please read
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