4.0.x - issues with radmin tool

Milan Nikolic gen2brain at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 17:06:58 CEST 2019


Some recent commit added `-S` option to radmin, to pass secret. I
don't understand what secret it is asking for, from localhost that
should be secret for localhost client right?
Whatever I try to enter if it asks for secret, or with `-S` option it
just hangs.

I hacked/commented that part of code so I can use radmin as before
(also on 4.0.x), but now every command executed with `radmin -e`
returns always 1, even if succeeded, i.e.
`radmin -f /run/radiusd/control/radiusd.sock -e 'stats network 0
self'` shows stats but returns 1  (btw. nice that now radmin will look
for socket file from config, but without `-f` it prints some debug

Also, I have problems with `radmin -e 'set debug level 2'` for
example, it does not do anything.

Is radmin still not in usable state? I use it for stats currently but
it would be nice to have some easy way to switch debug levels on fly.


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