Filtering accounting messages

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Jul 14 20:27:04 CEST 2019

On Jul 14, 2019, at 2:02 PM, liran kessel <lirankessel at> wrote:
> I am receiving accounting messages from the network and storing them to the radacct table. 
> Currently in order to filter I have changed the INSERT/UPDATE commands with a where statement to only insert rows for subscribers I am managing.

  Hmm... that works, but isn't the most efficient.

> This is working fine but as my network grows it is creating a lot of overhead to execute SQL commands that don’t do anything and so I am trying to move the filtering to the FreeRADIUS code.

  That's good.

> I have added the preacct to the attr_filter file:

  I'm not sure why.  The attr_filter module will filter (i.e. delete) attributes in a packet.  It won't change how many times SQL is being called.

> However it seems that the filter is being ignored and all lines are inserted to the DB.


> Can you please assist in understanding why it isn’t filtering?

  Because filter attributes is not the same as skipping SQL.

> In addition if I have a list of about 100K subscribers that I do want to store their accounting data to the DB is there a way to manage this list without adding it 1 by 1 to the filter file?

  Yes.  Presumably there is some check you can do for your own users.  Then, do:

accounting {
	if (my users) {
	# else not my users, don't do SQL

  The only magic here is how to determine what are "my users".  Since that's local to your system, we can't help here.

  Alan DeKok.

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