Proxy issue - Failing proxied request for user error

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Wed Jul 17 18:34:43 CEST 2019

Is freeradius listening on that interface?

Do you have a firewall running on the machine?   If so, tcpdump reads the interface before the firewall application, so you will see it there but freeradius will not.

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On Jul 16, 2019, at 5:53 PM, James Wood <james.wood at> wrote:
> I ran a tcpdump against a customer IP sending us accounting packets. When
> reviewing in Wireshark I can see a (small) percentage of packets that do
> not show any Accounting-Response reply, and then a few seconds later the
> NAS re-sends and then we reply as expected. So something on the home server
> itself is not right, it seems to 'miss' incoming packets.

  It's usually a slow database.

> I ran the server in debug mode at the same time as the capture and the
> first packet did not even show up at all, as if the server never received
> it. But, the packet was received by the server as per the wireshark capture
> file.

  If the OS doesn't deliver packets to FreeRADIUS, then there's little you can change in FreeRADIUS to fix the problem.

  Alan DeKok.

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