redis_ippool_tool is not supporting password authentication

Chinnapaiyan, Nagamani Nagamani.Chinnapaiyan at
Fri Jul 19 14:22:29 CEST 2019


I have a redis server on AWS with auth token enabled.
I am trying to add some ip pools in the db via rlm_redis_ippool_tool command.
However, this command does not work for this auth enabled redis db.

$ cat redis_ippool
redis {
  server = <server_ip>
  port = 6379
  password = <pass>

$ /usr/local/bin/rlm_redis_ippool_tool -a -f redis_ippool TESTPOOL
Error : Need pool to operate on

$ /usr/local/bin/rlm_redis_ippool_tool -a -f redis_ippool <server_ip>:6379 TESTPOOL
$ echo $?

$ redis-cli -c -h <server_ip> -p 6379 -a <pass>
Warning: Using a password with '-a' or '-u' option on the command line interface may not be safe.
localhost:6379> keys *
(empty list or set)
localhost:6379> exit

Nagamani Chinnapaiyan

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