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Bassem Mettichi mettichi at
Mon Jul 22 10:20:51 CEST 2019


i have created a link for linelog module on mods-enabled and i have
commented on the detail module on accounting section on default file and
enabled the linelog module like this:

accounting {
        #  Update accounting packet by adding the CUI attribute
        #  recorded from the corresponding Access-Accept
        #  use it only if your NAS boxes do not support CUI themselves
#       cui
        #  Create a 'detail'ed log of the packets.
        #  Note that accounting requests which are proxied
        #  are also logged in the detail file.
#       detail
#       daily

When i start freeradius server and i begin sending aaccounting requests
from my NAS i didn't get any log file and i have this error message:

(8) # Executing section accounting from file
(8)   accounting {
(8) linelog: EXPAND messages.%{%{reply:Packet-Type}:-default}
(8) linelog:    --> messages.0
(8) linelog: No such entry ".messages.0"

My radius log has this format:

Mon Jul 22 10:12:34 2019
Mon Jul 22 10:12:35 2019
Mon Jul 22 10:12:36 2019

I would like to send this log to syslog as it has actually a line format
like radius.log and i don't see any entry on detail module to send logs to

i appreciate your help. If any one needs this log format i can send the
modified detail module.


Le ven. 19 juil. 2019 à 15:55, Jorge Pereira <jpereira at> a
écrit :

> Mettichi,
> Do you have any input for us showing where you're stuck? Have you tried to
> check the documentation inside the raddb/mods-available/linelog ? e.g:
> <
> >
> Please, <
> > On 19 Jul 2019, at 10:15, mettichi <mettichi at> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,Please can any one tell me how to configure linelog module for
> accounting start stop interim update i would like to use it instead of
> detail module i have changed log format for accounting to be in one line
> instead of multiline and i would like to send accounting log to syslog
> serverI appreciate your helpThanksBassemEnvoyé depuis mon smartphone
> Samsung Galaxy.
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