rlm_rest and HTTP/2

Hoggins! hoggins at wheres5.com
Tue Jul 30 22:43:31 CEST 2019

Oh right. I thought I could do that with some config.
As I'm using FreeRADIUS pre-packaged (I used to compile it from source,
but then I took an arrow... well), I'll find another way around... by
disabling HTTP/2 on server side for this specific client !

Thanks !


Le 30/07/2019 à 20:33, Alan DeKok a écrit :
>>> For now, it's best to just disable HTTP2 in the rlm_rest module.
>> How can I achieve this?
>   Source code patches.
>   Or, back-port the HTTP/2 fixes from the "master" branch.

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