How to set Acct-Interim-Interval for all users ?

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Mar 9 14:20:53 CET 2019

On Mar 9, 2019, at 3:08 AM, John Erickson <johnerickson663 at> wrote
> How to add the Acct-Interim-Interval attribute for all users ?  I'm using
> freeradius 3 on centos 7.
> I know that one way is to insert it into the radreply table or the
> radgroupreply table.
> If possible, where and how to set it for all users in the config files
> under /etc/raddb, so I can avoid adding it many times in the mysql tables ?

  You can use the "users" file.  In v3, it's in mods-config/files/authorize

  It has extensive documentation.

  Alan DeKok.

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