Freeradius crashes with SIGABRT

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 15 16:17:18 CET 2019

On Mar 15, 2019, at 10:41 AM, Daniel Feuchtinger <daniel.feuchtinger at> wrote:
> I changed to a debian test machine with stretch
> running version 3.0.18, compiled with clang
> (more on that in a minute). 
> The crashes look the same to me. 


>>   valgrind --track-origins=yes /usr/sbin/radiusd -f -d /etc/raddb
> That gives a lot of errors without any crash,
> starting with: 
> ...
> freeradius still running fine at this point. 
> Is it worth to investigate those errors?

  No.  Those are buried inside of malloc(), and have nothing to do with us.

  Alan DeKok.

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