FR 3.0.13, reply of attributes missing

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 15 21:21:09 CET 2019

On Mar 15, 2019, at 3:02 PM, J├╝rgen Northe <jn at> wrote:
> I have appended two results: The first containing also the wanted attributes 
> Auth-Type,  Tunnel-Private-Group-Id, Tunnel-Type an Tunnel-Medium-Type in the LDAP user entry and the second one has these informations in a radiusProfileDN
> cn=PRODLAN,ou=VLAN,ou=profiles,ou=radius,dc=compend,dc=com
> pointing to a ObjectClass=radiusprofie containig the same attributes with the same values.
> In the debug output it looks like the profile is not found / traversed. I have read the ldap module and the wikies and tried out some variations in the group with filter and update section but nothing  seems to find and replay these profile entries.

  Reading the debug output:
>  # Loading module "ldap1" from file /etc/raddb/mods-enabled/redundant_ldap
>  ldap ldap1 {
> ...
>   profile {
>   }

  There's nothing in the "profile" section.

  Please read the comments in the module configuration, and configure the profiles.  Once profiles are configured, profiles should work.

  Alan DeKok.

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