What is the current status and roadmap for FreeRadius?

Adam Majer amajer at suse.de
Mon Mar 18 12:47:03 CET 2019

On 3/18/19 12:03 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> One of my favourites years ago was a someone who responded to that
> shutdown with "Oh yeah?  I WAS going to involve you people in my new
> project that would make millions, but now I'm not going to!"
> That's a response so delusional that you just can't argue with it.

The worse "customers" are the ones that get their software for free ;) 
Somehow they always feel entitled to the most with the least 
constructive input.

Generally you get these comments about language or libraries from 
someone in or right after school and while they haven't actually 
contributed anything to maintaining any long term project. I think it 
just shows complete ignorance, not malice.

Anyway, thank you for maintaining FreeRADIUS. Your expertise (and the 
other maintainers) is highly appreciated here.

- Adam

PS. All opinions are my own :)

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