rewriting acctstoptime

Igor Smitran sigor at
Wed Mar 20 15:13:33 CET 2019

Hi list,

i have an old ERX1440 Juniper BRAS. It is working very well with 
thousands of pppoe connections. CPU is not burden at all, memory too.

But, from time to time there are large delays in STOP packets (over 20 

For example (radius detail log):

Wed Mar 20 15:02:56 2019
     Acct-Status-Type = Stop
     User-Name = "***"
     Event-Timestamp = "Mar 20 2019 14:40:09 CET"
     Acct-Delay-Time = 0
     NAS-Identifier = "ERX1440***"
     Acct-Session-Id = "0252606670"
     NAS-IP-Address = ****
     Service-Type = Framed-User

For this particular event radius is going to use localtime and in 
database acctstoptime will be Wed Mar 20 15:02:56 2019.

Is there a way to tell radius to use Event-Timestamp if it exists?

I already tried with attr_rewrite, but acctsoptime wil be recalculated 
in sql modul during inserts, right?

Thank you all,


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