How can i reset user quota after user consumed completely

Abdul Riyaz abdulriyaz846 at
Mon May 6 11:30:48 CEST 2019


I have a user called "user" with Cleartext-Password:- 123456. I installed
freeradius in UBuntu 18.04 in docker container. Now, I connected freeradius
to Mikrotik Nas. Everythings works fine.

user has attributes:
          Mikrotik-Rate-Limit :- 1000k/1000k
          Mikrotik-Total-Limit :- 200000000 (~2GB)
          Expiration: 1559678897 (June 5th 2019)

The user has already consumed 2GB of data within 2 days. Data exhausted and
user is unable to login.

How can i reset the "user" with same quota manually. When package is
changed, i want user to start using new data.

I don;t wanna mess with radacct table. Can anyone advise how can i achieve

TO say Simply, change package after data is consumed. user should login
this time.

My question might be so silly but please help me with this.

Many Thanks
Abdul Riyaz

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