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Sql query doesnt work under heavy load ! i dont know why !  it working in small netwokrs with max 20-30 requests per minute but when i get more than 10 request per second it somehow skipping authorization part,
would you please tell me where can i set  " Max-Daily-Session " whe i have no users and users are anonym ?
in user.conf  i can  use this for existing user :

test  Max-All-Session := 54000, Cleartext-Password := "test"
but when i have no users how can i set max-daily-session ? 

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> so first i used sql daily counters, but it didnt work !  bcs as i know its works only for predefined users, 

  You can use sql counters.  Just read the documentation in raddb/mods-available/sqlcounter

  Change the key from "User-Name" to "Calling-Station-Id".  If the Calling-Station-Id is just a MAC address, it will work.

> then i made an sql query in authorization section to check  data usage for last 24 hours 

  That may also work, too.

> its didnt work in some networks , because only authentication and accounting packets are sent and not authorization ,

  There are no "authorization" packets in RADIUS.

> every networks has more than 2.000 auth req per minute and where authorization packets are sent  it gonna be huge load on mysql and sessions takes long time to be stablished  and often session time out ...!

  2K requests per minute is 33 request/s.  Any reasonable SQL database should be able to handle that load.

  Alan DeKok.

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