No module available to handle lease-query

Chinnapaiyan, Nagamani Nagamani.Chinnapaiyan at
Fri May 17 08:13:02 CEST 2019

I think Lease responses(lease-active, lease-unknown, lease-unassigned) are still not added to valid messages list...
Because, I am seeing below WARNING,
(0)    update reply {
(0)      &DHCP-Message-Type = DHCP-Lease-Unassigned
(0)    } # update reply (noop)
(0)  } # recv DHCP-Lease-Query (noop)
(0)  Sending DHCP-Lease-Unassigned XID 0a000029 from to via eth1
(0)    &DHCP-Message-Type = DHCP-Lease-Unassigned
(0)  done request
(0)  finished request.
Ready to process requests
WARNING - silently discarding reply due to invalid or missing message type
proto_dhcpv4_udp - cleaning up ID 0

I will test more and confirm this...

Nagamani Chinnapaiyan

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