myxmail1919 at myxmail1919 at
Tue May 28 14:26:50 CEST 2019

hi there, 

is there anyone can tell me why session will not end after session-timeout ? 

i configured sql counter its working fine ! the only problem is session will not end ! and user stays logged in !  but when user end the session cant login again !i tried on diffrent  Accesspoints ,  its same everywhere ...


authorize {
        update control {                Max-Daily-Session = 4752          }}

dailycounter: EXPAND %{sql:SELECT SUM(acctsessiontime - GREATEST((1558994400 - UNIX_TIMESTAMP(acctstarttime)), 0)) FROM radacct WHERE username = '%{User-Name}' AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(acctstarttime) + acctsessiontime > '1558994400'}dailycounter:    --> 4729dailycounter: Allowing user, &control:Max-Daily-Session value (4752) is greater than counter value (4729)dailycounter: Setting &reply:Session-Timeout value to 23     [dailycounter] = ok

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