How to get current datetime in freeradius?

Christian Strauf strauf at
Wed Oct 2 08:38:09 CEST 2019

Hi Houman

> I'm still unable to get the local timestamp. Do I have to enable anything
> else?
If you need the local time multiple times (or did I misunderstand you?), try something like this:

update control {
	&Tmp-Integer-0 := "%l"

Use this in your configuration (note that I made some modifications to "Expires-At":

preacct {
	update control {
		&Tmp-Integer-0 := "%l"
	update request {
		&Expires-At := "%{sql:SELECT expires_at FROM main_db.`user` WHERE main_db.`user`.username ='%{User-Name}'}"
	if (&control:Tmp-Integer-0 > &request:Expires-At) {
		update disconnect {
			&User-Name = "%{User-Name}"

If you don't need the time multiple times, you should be able to use "%l" instead of &control:Tmp-Integer-0. Also note that you need to use some other Tmp-Integer-0 if you already use that pre-defined control variable.

Kind regards,
Christian Strauf
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