Sending Avaya-Fabric-Attach-VLAN-ISID and Avaya-Fabric-Attach-VLAN-PVID after successful authentication

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Oct 15 15:42:14 CEST 2019

On Oct 15, 2019, at 8:29 AM, Jan Hugo Prins <jhp at> wrote:
> I have a cluster of freeradius servers running with an LDAP backend
> which all works fine. I'm also able to return the correct VLAN
> information after a successful authentication of a client. That way I
> can put clients in the correct VLAN based on the authentication /
> authorization matrix etc. Very nice.

  That's good.

> In my core network I have Avaya / Extreme VSP 7000 switches in SPBM mode
> and I would like to configure a port on those switches after successful
> authentication, but they don't want VLAN information, but they want
> something else:
> VSAs
> • Avaya-Fabric-Attach-VLAN-ISID
> • Avaya-Auto-VLAN-Create
> • Avaya-Fabric-Attach-VLAN-PVID
> Documentation about this states the following:

  Note: nothing about vendor or attribute numbers.  <sigh>

> Does FreeRadius currently support this anywhere in a version?
> Is there a way to get this working by correctly filling the dictionary file?

  Fill in the correct dictionary file with the correct numbers, and it will work.

> The man page for the dictionary file states that the VSA's configured
> there will never be send in a radius packet, which makes me suspect that
> this won't work?

  The man page doesn't say that.  The only attributes which don't get sent in a RADIUS packet are the ones defined in raddb/dictionary.  That file explains this, too.

> Documentation on this can be found in

  If you can find documentation on the attribute numbers, we can add it to the dictionaries.

  I really wish that vendors would just send us their dictionaries.  Or even document them.  But apparently no, they hate their customers.

  Alan DeKok.

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