FR3 - EAP-[T]LS - Win10

Ted Hyde (RSI) thyde at
Wed Oct 23 03:49:11 CEST 2019

Alan - after a few mis-starts, flushing and installing FR3 greater than 
3.0.11 (my testing platform of the time) did fire right up. Deb9 now has 
3.0.12 in the repo currently and it runs as expected.

Kindest regards as always,


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> hi,
> Win10 etc work with the default out of the box FreeRADIUS certs - what
> are ou trying to do (what have you done relating to the cert Makefile
> or environment etc?)
> I would guess the issue is at the client end and how the client cert
> was installed?
> PS EAP-TLS is still the best
> alan


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