Configure Freeradius Server on a Synology NAS to Authenticate Cisco RV340 Users

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Sep 4 13:02:01 CEST 2019

> On Sep 4, 2019, at 5:26 AM, Levin, Vladimir <vladlevin at> wrote:
> 1. According to Cisco tech support (and as I wrote in my original post) I need FreeRADIUS server to send RADIUS attribute class 25 with the user group name to the client (RV340). 

  I already explained that I understand that.  Yet you're still explaining it over and over.

  I've seen this lots.  It indicates that you're stuck on the problem and not on the solution.  You SHOULD read my response, realize that I understand the need to use Class, and then STOP REPEATING IT.

  Learning from simple email messages shows that you can read the documentation and learn from it.  Being unable to learn from email messages explains why the documentation doesn't mean anything to you.

> 3. There was only 1 non-rhetorical question in your previous post and I did answer it to the best of my knowledge and understanding.  Also, I couldn't find any Class attribute examples you are referring to.

  Because you're looking in the Synology configuration.  They've butchered it to do whatever it is they do.  They do NOT include the default documentation or configuration in their product.

  You are aware that we aren't Synology, right?  And that you CAN download a default FreeRADIUS configuration and read it, right?  And that when I refer to the "default configuration", I mean THE SOFTWARE WE WROTE AND DISTRIBUTE.  And not the Synology thing that we know nothing about?

> 4. I think it's MySQL database; I don't know how FreeRADIUS queries it.  

  If Synology ships FreeRADIUS that's configured to use MySQL, then the configuration files are on local disk.  If you can get access to local disk, then you can find those files.  This is Unix administration 101.

> 5. Once again, I'm not a developer, but an end user of a Synology NAS and I don't have information about its inner workings.  According to Synology development team, what I'm trying to achieve "is not a default option they support" and my only alternative is to try to modify the settings myself.

  i.e. you paid money for a product, but they won't help you.  So your response is to come here, and ask *us* for help.  For free.  And, give a vague description of the problem.

>  Obviously this isn't my area of expertise and I'm clearly out of my depth here, so any help I can get is very appreciated.

  I'm trying to help you, and not being very successful.

  The issue here is simple: You've paid money for a product that doesn't do what you want.

  On top of that, we cannot help you configure a product we know nothing about.  Sure, it's based on FreeRADIUS.  But we don't know how they've configured it.  We don't know where the files are on disk.  And you can't give us that information.

  Which means we can't help you.  *You* need to understand the product you bought *first*.  Then, explain those technical details clearly and simply.  Once that's done, we can likely help you.

  But if your expectation is that we can help you based on "I don't know", or "I want to do stuff", then you are severely mistaken.

  Alan DeKok.

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