[EXT] Cache errors(?) - single device

Brian Julin BJulin at clarku.edu
Mon Sep 9 18:46:14 CEST 2019

Marcin Marszałkowski <m.marszal at wp.pl> wrote:
>>  Brian Julin <BJulin at clarku.edu> w dniu 09.09.2019, o godz. 16:08:

>> Is it possible that this is the first device that you have used on you network that
>> actually does fast reauthentication?  Many devices won't unless you tell them
>> to.

> I don’t think so, tlscache folder was already populated with files as below:
> 053bc53f44fec1d1539f3ddcb989f59c994cae4d6fa5363a876166d24f29b27a.asn1
> 053bc53f44fec1d1539f3ddcb989f59c994cae4d6fa5363a876166d24f29b27a.vps
> 117451d0acd2c340d0b32ffc5af16e6bd8e915dbedc3c99fd72e9c9f332cb01f.asn1
> 117451d0acd2c340d0b32ffc5af16e6bd8e915dbedc3c99fd72e9c9f332cb01f.vps
> And so on…

The cache populates during the initial authentication... you don't need a resumption
to happen to get a cache file.

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