Conditional modules and dynamically attributes

Viktor Kolesnikov vvkolesnikoff at
Wed Sep 11 22:06:53 CEST 2019

Hi everyone!

I have freeradius 3.0.20 and use rlm_ldap as a conditional module in the
authorize section like this
authorize {
if (notfound) {
  if (&LDAP-Group == '% {Group-Name}') {
    update {
      &control:Auth-Type: = ldap
  else {

I enable and disable (if it is not configured) module by creating/deleting
a link in the mods-enabled/ directory, but when the module is disabled,
I cannot use the attribute LDAP-Group in the condition because it loads
dynamically when the module loads.
I found this issue
but it says nothing if a conditional module is used.
How can I use dynamically loads attributes such as LDAP-Group or SQL-Group
and conditional modules?


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