Virtual Servers on

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at
Mon Sep 23 21:32:17 CEST 2019

I must be missing something.  I'm building some monitoring to test 
various virtual servers with:

client {
         secret          = testing
         virtual_server  = serverA

client {
         secret          = testing
         virtual_server  = serverB

But when I use radtest, only serverA responds regardless of which 
address I use.  I can see in tcpdump the packet is sourced from the 
alternate IP.  In the logs, I see:

(9) Received Access-Request Id 182 from to length 80

So the server knows the correct address, but then later down:

(9) Login OK: [testuser] (from client port 1)
(9) Sent Access-Accept Id 182 from to 
length 0

It seems radiusd aggregates these addresses.  Is this by design?


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