CentOS 8 packages missing winbind support?

Nathan Ward lists+freeradius at daork.net
Fri Apr 24 00:53:43 CEST 2020

> On 24/04/2020, at 8:27 AM, Matthew Newton <mcn at freeradius.org> wrote:
> On 10/04/2020 17:15, Josef Vybíhal wrote:
>> Packages for CentOS 8 at https://networkradius.com/freeradius-packages/ appear
>> to be compiled without winbind support. Is there a reason for that? CentOS
>> 7 package have it - not sure about other distros.
> RedHat removed the samba-devel package from RHEL8, so we're missing the headers we need to build.
> I've not had any success yet finding out if they moved the headers into a different package, doesn't look like it from what I can see so far.

This piqued my curiosity so did some digging.

I’ve asked some questions and am told that RH aren’t currently shipping a bunch of -devel packages “for good supportability and/or security reasons that we can't mitigate (I.e broken vendor implementations / orphaned upstream)”.

Not sure exactly why Samba has been excluded.

It’s still in the Samba spec file, at least on the CentOS git server. You could build the RPM from the SRPM and get a -devel package out, and install it from there.

Not ideal, but that’s how it goes.

Nathan Ward

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