Pick up changes in passwd file

Markus Gaugusch markus at gaugusch.at
Tue Dec 8 11:08:30 CET 2020

Dear freeradius-experts,

I'm using version 3.0.21, running in docker 

I want to use freeradius to authenticate users against entries in a file 
in the form "username:$2a$10$<bcrypt hash>".

This works quite well, using the following stanza:

passwd my_passwd {
         filename = /opt/etc/raddb/ext/pwd.txt
         format = "*User-Name:Crypt-Password:"
         hash_size = 100
         ignore_nislike = no
         allow_multiple_keys = no

However, when the file gets modified, the changes are not picked up by 

I checked the FAQ [1], which suggests to use kill -HUP <PID>, but that 
doesn't work either:

Do you have any hints for me to get this resolved? It works by 
restarting the docker container, but I'd rather avoid this if possible.

Actually, my users are stored by a 3rd party application in a postgresql 
DB. This DB is using a different schema than radiusd (I checked [2]), so 
I decided to generate the file described above. If it would be easy to 
access the DB directly using custom SQL queries ONLY for 
usernames/passwords, that would be another option. I only need 
authentication, no accounting or any logging into the DB.

kind regards,


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