proxy results in linelog

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at
Mon Dec 14 21:49:54 CET 2020

Greetings FR-users,

Our setup is to proxy auth requests to an off-site radius system.

I've got pre-proxy logs going via linelog. (Thanks Matthew Newton and Alan!)

I'd like to log the accept or reject from the proxy. From running the
server in debug I see:

(13) Received Access-Accept Id 178 from to
length 51

I'd like to get the result ("accept" or "Access-Accept") and the home
server ("") in the linelog configs.

I've looked at the man page for unlang, but didn't find anything that
looked like it applied.

My current linelog configuration looks like:

messages {
        Access-Request = "%S Access Request for user for:
[%{%{User-Name}:-User-Name not set}] via client
[%{%{Called-Station-Id}:-Called-Station-Id not set}] from user station
[%{%{Calling-Station-Id}:-Calling-Station-Id not set}]"

What is the best way to get the results of the proxy to linelog? Or is
linelog the best place to log these results?

Thanks for any help!


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