[rlm_rest] do not translate attribute values

Michael Schneider michael.schneider at onway.ch
Thu Dec 17 13:25:06 CET 2020


I have created a REST server to process incoming RADIUS requests. During development I noticed that some attributes signal the "wrong" type. I think this is due to xlat.

For example, the attributes "Tunnel-Type" and "Tunnel-Medium-Type" are both integers, but their values are serialized as strings:

"Tunnel-Type": {"type": "integer", "value": ["VLAN"]},
"Tunnel-Medium-Type": {"type": "integer", "value": ["IEEE-802"]}

This behavior makes it difficult to write a parser without knowing the numeric value of "VLAN" and "IEEE-802". Is there a configuration parameter that prevents the rlm_rest module from translating attribute values?

Thanks in advance,
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