capturing radius performance metrics

Munroe Sollog mus3 at
Fri Jan 3 22:15:05 CET 2020

I would like to monitor the ongoing real-world performance of my freeradius
server.  In this case, I'm defining performance as time between receiving
request and sending answer.  I have used radsniff and radclient to do some
benchmarking, but neither really seem like a sustainable or appropriate
solution for long-term data collection in a production environment.

Is there a way to add the "total response time" to the log line? or maybe
there is a statistics channel like bind has to access performance metrics?

I am able to collect a similar metric from the NAS as well as from some
"fake" clients I configured to track radius authentication performance.
I'm hoping there is a way to also gather this from the freeradius service

Munroe Sollog
Senior Network Engineer
munroe at

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