Match on undefined attribute.

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Fri Jan 10 10:34:58 CET 2020

Matthew Schumacher <matt.s at> writes:

> I found the problem, I am setting Filter-Id in ldap using:
> update { reply:Framed-Filter-Id = radiusfilter }
> And somewhere long the way radius, translates Framed-Filter-Id to
> Filter-Id.  Once I changed it to:
> update { reply:Filter-Id = radiusfilter }
> It works correctly.
> I'm not sure why I originally had Framed-Filter-Id, or why radius was
> translating as I don't see anything that does that in the config.

Framed-Filter-Id is just an old compatibility name for Filter-Id.  It's
the same attribute, so there is no translation.  Just two names
describing the same number.

See dictionary.compat


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