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Marek Smoliński marksmol at o2.pl
Sun Jan 12 20:40:38 CET 2020

One computer can only be in one group in AD unfortunately because of the high complexity of AD, delegations of permissions for AD administrators are so many groups.

I have cachable_name and cacheable_dn enabled, I may not be able to use it.

I've tried to follow the documentation. In post-auth:

    update control {
        Cache-Status-Only = 'yes'
    if (notfound) {
        if (LDAP-Group =~ /.*VLAN16_.*/) {
           update reply {

I see a message in debug: Debug: No old matches

What am I doing wrong?

Marek Smoliński

Od: Arran Cudbard-Bell
Wysłano: niedziela, 12 stycznia 2020 19:22
Do: FreeRadius users mailing list
Temat: Re: Microsoft AD group check

Agreed. Though you also need to make sure you've enabled tunnel reply attribute in the EAP module config.

A few other things.

Although there may be 800 groups it's very unlikely a user would be a member of all of them and LDAP would be returning a small subset.

Group checking with an LDAP query can in itself be inefficient if you're doing many group checks, as each check involves a roundtrip to the LDAP server.  What it's good for is checking a minimal number of group memberships which involve wildcard filter matches.

Depending on how many groups are returned for a user, and whether resolving group information requires additional lookups, it may be more efficient to use cachable_name or cacheable_dn to retrieve the complete list.  You'll then be able to use pattern matching on that list as specified in the answer to the stack overflow question you posted.

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