How to connect to PAP or how to use PEAP with Google LDAP?

Mathias Maes mathias.maes at
Thu Jan 16 15:06:04 CET 2020


I have set up freeradius with the simple tutorial found on Google help
pages about their Secure LDAP:

I followed all steps, freeradius starts, I get Access-Accept responses when
I use the radtest tool. Perfect!

Although, when trying to connect to an AP with an Android device, I can
only connect with an EAP protocol, PAP seems to be unavailable.

This is a problem, as other protocols encrypt the password (TTLS + PAP) for
example shows no User-Password field in the incoming request. So freeradius
can't handle the request because Google really needs that unencrypted
User-Password field.

So, how do I connect with an Android device with the PAP protocol the
server needs after following that Google tutorial, or is there a way to let
Freeradius decrypt the password and pass it to Google?

Thanks for any insights, I'm pretty new with this.

Mathias Maes

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