Authenticate users getting data from two different Data Sources

Ja. C.A. magicboiz at
Mon Jan 20 13:32:47 CET 2020

Hi Matthew

is it possible for sql/sqlippool modules to add some Vendor Specific Attributes (VSA) in the post-auth call??


On 20/1/20 12:57, Matthew Newton wrote:

On 20 January 2020 10:41:48 GMT, "Ja. C.A." <magicboiz at><mailto:magicboiz at> wrote:

- user/password checking -> from LDAP server
- IP address assignment, DNS servers, etc -> from MySQL server

Once FR has info from these two data sources, it should send the Access

Is this config possible?

Sure. Use the ldap module to look up the password for checking and call 'ldap' in the authorize{} section. Configure the sql / sqlippool module and call in post_auth to allocate IPs.

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