Simple use of Huntgroup

Condor condor_bulto at
Thu Jan 23 15:14:46 CET 2020

Hi there, i running FreeRadius 3.0.4, now i trying to discriminate some access for specific user by groups (huntgroup)

For example:


grp001        NAS-IP-Address == x.x.x.x
grp002        NAS-IP-Address == y.y.y.y


test002 Crypt-Password := "$1$lw0fSZNF$yggOS9C8fjoPpDZSRv6g4."
        Huntgroup-Name == grp002
        Reply-Message = "Hello Test002",

test001 Crypt-Password := "$1$Z71rzgee$Z62hAIPIJbcaMDyHtUtKN/"
        Huntgroup-Name == grp001
        Reply-Message = "Hello Test001",

So, must to permit test001 only access to grp001 and test002 to grp002

Not working and with "radius -X" and see nothing about huntgroup.

I missing enable something? I only see documentation about Huntgroup and SQL


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