module fails parsing output, expecting operator

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Jan 27 11:54:46 CET 2020

On Mon, 2020-01-27 at 09:38 +0000, Richard Green wrote:
> I am seeking help with an error parsing the output from an external
> exec program with FreeRADIUS 3 (a similar configuration, albeit some
> file movements for the updated config, worked without a problem with
> FreeRADIUS 2). The external exec program
> (/usr/local/bin/multiotp.php) seem to return a valid response

It's returning

  Filter-Id += "Erica-Users",NT_KEY: EBEEE229885004ACEA55894DFDC1272D  

that's not a valid response, at least not from the ',' onwards.

>  (which is the same as for the working configuration for version 2),
> however FreeRADIUS 3 reports a parsing error at this point.

It wasn't a valid response in v2, either. I suspect the code may have
been a bit more lax in what it was willing to accept.

The external script needs to be fixed to return valid output pairs.

However, it looks like it's also being used to run ntlm_auth. Therefore
I'd hazard a guess that it needs to be passed an argument to return
either the output pairs (Filter-Id += "Erica-Users") or the NT key
(NT_KEY: EBEEE22...) depending on whether it's called from 'exec' or
from 'mschap', as they expect to see different formats.


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