Fw: Question re. rfc6929 - examples section 9.1

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Hi Alan,

Thank you for your answers to my questions - they helped - also I managed to compile and run the c-program that you mentioned below from the RFC.

Thanks and have a good day.


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> I understand the example-1 fine - but my question is about example-2.
> 2/
> a) in the sentence what does it mean TLV-Type of one (1) ?

  The attribute number is one.  See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8044#section-3.13 for a description of TLV-Type

> b) do the values in {} represent type-length-data ?

  They represent type + data.  The length is calculated automatically.

  The RFC includes C source code for the tool which parses the examples.  So that should help explain the format.

> c) f1 07 02 01 04 23 45
> does this represent
> f1=241 (=type),
> 07=length
> 02=extended-type, (as in the 2 in 241.2)
> 01=tlv-type?
> 04=length of tlv data ?


> but 23 and 45 ? not sure

  It's just the data, i.e. the value.  It doesn't mean anything.

  Alan DeKok.

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