mschap configuration problem

Piviul piviul at
Wed Jul 15 08:44:50 CEST 2020

Alan DeKok ha scritto il 14/07/20 alle 18:50:
> [...]
>    Did you restart the server after the configuration change?  Which version are you running?
if you mean the freeradius service yes, I have restarted it.

>    I doubt *very* much that the systems do TLS 1.3 if it's disabled on the server.
when you say server do you mean the pc where I have installed 
freeradius? Do you know how can I test the ssl version protocol supoorted?

> [...]
>    Look, it's very simple.  You can believe that you configured everything perfectly AND the error messages are lying to you.  Or, you can believe that the error messages are correct, and you're missing some configuration somewhere.
no, it's not lying me simply I think saying "unknown CA" means that the 
server can't find the CA certificate to validate the client certificate.
The reason why the server can't find the certificate should be that I 
have not well configured the CA certificate (but I fear that's not) or 
should be that the client can't decide wich ssl version to use... didn't 

Do you know a way to get the ssl protocol version supported by a windows 
client and the ssl protocol supported by the server (the server where it 
is installed freeradius)?

>> And are the same settings I've set in win10...
>    Ask Microsoft how to configure their systems.
yes, you are right... I wouldn't use windows but it's not so simple 
remove it from my LAN...

Thank you very much!

My best regards


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