SQL Maps

Thu Jul 16 16:36:18 CEST 2020

Just an update - v4 builds fine here on Ubuntu 20.04, on to testing..

I know you instruct people to build using make, but I quite like the debs to install from, so also tried building with "make deb" - possibly found an issue in


I had to change




.. due to the separate v4/6 modules; it missed out the .so files from the freeradius-dhcp package otherwise.
I also had to manually run the cert bootstrap and change some permissions to get it to work.
I guess you probably already knew all that anyway though, and why you don't instruct people to use e.g. make deb !


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> That's awesome, thanks Alan. Been a bit shy to try 4, not sure why, but will give it a go.

  It's pretty stable from day to day.

> Looking at the v4 source, found some examples here, they seem very similar to 3.1:
> src/tests/modules/sql/map.unlang

See also full documentation in doc/antora/modules/unlang/pages/map.adoc

  Alan DeKok.

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