Group policy on freeradius like on microsoft NPS server

Fri Jul 17 11:49:02 CEST 2020

Hi there, 

i'm new to freeradius, recently we are implementing freeradius as AAA server to authenticate user throug aruba wifi controller 
our setup is openldap + freeradius + aruba 

we use AD + NPS server + aruba before, and have implemented group policy on our network configuration that read filter-id attribute 
so how we do the same thing on freeradius, i've been searching on google and didn't find anything. 

if anyone know how to add group policy for openldap + freeradius + aruba setup please let me know how to do it. 

Best Regards 
MD Nur Khakim Aziizudin 

Network & system administrator 
directorate of IT infrastructure 
National Civil Service Agency of Indonesia 

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