Configuration conflict

Olivier Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Jul 22 05:02:51 CEST 2020


I am facing the following problem and I don't know how to configure
FreeRadius for that.

I have one WiFi Access point serving 2 SSID with 802.1x enabled.

One SSID takes authentication in the form of username at domain.example and
the other is just username.

As it is a single AP, it communicates to FreeRadius with a single IP and
is being seen as a single Radius client. Is there a way for me to
declare different virtual servers.

Is there a way to sort that elegantly beaside using the value of
Stripped_User_Domain (and equivalent)?

What would be the solution if I add to add a 3rd SSID, with
authentication that does not use a domain (but has a different list of
users of course)?

Best regards,


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